21Science has always been a very difficult and complex subject from every aspect, but a technology is advancing at an amazing speed, it allows us to take a closer view to the world of knowledge. As rational beings, we haven’t only been curious to explore the world of mystery but also to question it.

Throughout the time science and technology combined together have led us to a greater generation and to the growth that we experience in the present. Even though many people won’t agree with me, I think it is crucial to encourage students and their interest in science.
Teachers represent one of the fewest people that can really have a significant influence on the students, regarding the importance of the scientific research. As they represent a big part of the educational system, their role is to approach this subject by any means and to make it more understandable in order to be accessible to everybody. No one should feel the need to apologize for not being a scientist. When a usual talk involves science, a lot of people often tend to feel excluded when they don’t need to be. Because it is too valuable and fascinating, the scientific progress itself needs a broader community.
The government has the obligation to improve the teaching facilities, by providing every school with the equipment needed for the teachers to initiate learners in all the practical experiments that can be carried out. By using this method and many more, they can start developing their own opinions and beliefs. Another major method used to put emphasis on science is portrayed by the different TV programmes that concentrate their main focus on the variety of roots that science has to offer. Just by paying little attention to these programmes we will instantly discover and learn much more of what we believe to be the unknown and not only the wonders of the nature. Even if we want to or not, we all have to be aware of the problems that our planet is facing at the moment.
Science has given us all the comfort that we enjoy today. With its help, for example, travelling was made possible. If we want to shorten the distance between places we need to get from and to, we can now use the modern inventions such as planes. A remarkable evolution was also made in health care. Many deadly diseases were once incurable but now modern techniques have been developed to save people’s lives.
To sum up, I believe that we need to be involved in a greater degree in the area of science and its complexity, if we want to contribute positively to its greatness.

Elev: Țuțală Ana Maria, Liceul Zinca Golescu, Pitești
Profesor îndrumător: Radu Simona
(Postat octombrie 2017)

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